Creating Memorable Experiences

At Heritage Amusements our goal is to create a joyous, memorable experience for our customers and your mall patrons. With over 20 years experience, Heritage Amusements knows how to effectively manage fast installation and ongoing maintenance. We pride ourselves on ensuring every customer leaves our ride with a smile and a fond memory. Let’s work together to enrich the shopping experience of your patrons!

Who We Are

We at Heritage Amusements excel at customer service because we understand we are a representation of the mall we are in. Years of experience have shown that being a part of the mall community is vital whether it would be offering tickets to the kids club or to the local children communities. Our Goal is to make every ride a memorable experience that will keep them coming back to the mall.


One of the concerns of a carousel or train is the liability that comes with having an amusement ride. We are fully insured and meet all local requirements as well as our own scrutinizing checklist protocol. We offer extensive training to our employees so they have the knowledge to recognize anything abnormal. We have operated for over 20 years without any major incidents and we pride ourselves on providing a safe experience