Entertainment delivered straight to your center


Heritage Amusements specializes in operating carousels across the United States. Our carousels are designed to create a fun and exciting experience for all ages. They create a significant amount of foot traffic to the area which can lead to the success of the surrounding tenants. Our uniformed staff understands our business is an extension of the mall. They are trained to provide a fun and safe experience for everyone.


Why our carousels are the perfect fit for your center

Increased Foot Traffic

Our Carousels are attractive to families with children, which can significantly increase foot traffic in the mall, benefiting other tenants.

Extended Dwell Time

Families tend to spend more time in a mall when there are entertainment options like our carousels, leading to increased opportunities for shopping and dining.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Our carousels can make the mall experience more enjoyable and memorable for visitors, potentially leading to repeat visits.

Appeal to Wider Audiences

Our Carousels appeal to a broad range of demographics, from children to adults, making malls more inclusive and accommodating.

Competitive Advantage

Having our carousels can set your mall apart from competitors, making it a preferred destination for families and shoppers.

Revenue Generator

We can generate competitive rates while we bring an attraction to your center.

Attractive Photo Opportunities

Our Carousels are photogenic and often appear in social media posts, indirectly promoting the mall.

Always Open

Carousels are dependable rides that require minimal maintenance. We operate at a 99% operational rate understanding that people make the carousel a part of their Shopping Schedule.